I am on Match.com!

Trying online dating is one of my resolutions for 2013. I looked around several dating sites. and I finally choose match.com  Here it’s almost the end of the year, Im happy with the decision I made. I’ve got to meet a lot of interesting dates and know a lot of people.

So the first thing I did is I went on Match.com, and I set up my profile. I did spend sometime choosing my ideal pictures and writing a appealing profile. I try to keep myself as real as possible. And just within a few hours I made my profile public and I’ve already got some emails. So I started browsing those guys’ profiles and found some interesting ones. Then I replied their emails.

The most scary during this journal was the first date. So yeah of course you have seen his pictures and read his profiles on match.com, but it’s totally different when you actually go out and meet him. The first date turned out to be fine, we planned a public place to meet and then we ended up chatting for a couple of hours.  And i decided not to go out with him for a second date because I feel he was not my type. Plus i was not in rush to be in a relationship any time, I just told myself to take time and take it easy.

What’s my type. I said it on my match.com profile what I look for in a ideal partner. He needs to be fit, charming and well educated.  So I went out with many guys for the first dates. Let me tell you, it’s time consuming, but it’s totally worth it because you get to talk and know different people then in return you are more and more clear on what kind of guys you are looking for. I had never been so clear than now.

Finally now Im settled with one date. He and I have gone out several dates and we talk and we do activities together. Now we decide to be exclusive to each other and both he and I close down the match.com profiles.  We will see how it goes, but I’m very fond of him and I think he is too.  by the way, here is a cool dating tips site for you: http://www.popdatingsites.com

My Plenty Of Fish Review

This article is about Plenty of Fish (POF) dating stie. When I reentered the dating scene, it had changed and meetups were happening online. I signed up for a few sites and POF was one of them. I liked some aspects of it and I made some nice connections. However, there is room for improvement as I’ll let you know.

This Plenty of Fish review is favorable because the website is mostly free and that’s great. I did choose to opt in for some of the paid services and they were affordable. In order to meet people and chat with them online, you don’t have to sign up for the paid features. It works just fine as a freebie.

The Plenty of Fish website is pretty simple to negotiate and I didn’t have a problem getting online right away. The compatibility tests were alright but I got connected to some people that didn’t seem like a good fit. I wasn’t interested in ‘hooking up’ so I was able to protect my privacy from the ones that were. That is a great feature.

I liked the forums a lot. It was a friendly place and it was sort of like a virtual club in there. People put their stuff out there and if your liked it, then you could chat. Otherwise, I just stayed away and thought ‘To each his own.’

The whole idea of fishing for dates is funny. When I first started sending messages, I didn’t get that many replies. In a way, the website is a little callous. The whole idea is that there are Plenty of Fish out there so who cares about the one on the line. Eventually, I tweaked my profile a bit and added a better picture and I started to get some responses.

I want to make sure that I add this to my Plenty of Fish review. I am a female and I make a pretty good salary. I take good care of myself and am nice looking. Once I started to get replies, I found out that there were more men on the site than women and that was fun.

Since I am in my thirties, I didn’t want to meet some young guy in his twenties. The average age is over 35 so I had a nice selection. Most of the guys make a nice salary too, so that was a good thing from my point of view.

I guess that I chatted with twenty or thirty guys the whole time that I was signed up on the site and I wound up dating ten of them. They were nice guys and I had a good time on my dates. With four of them, it was one meetup and it was over. Those were my first connections and it was a little disappointing.

But, number five was a keeper. We’d chatted for about three months prior to getting together so I felt like I really knew him. It started out as a love connection but petered out quickly.

I have to tell you on this Plenty of Fish review that the last guy that I dated from the site was the last guy that I plan to ever date. We got married last week and things couldn’t be better. You can visit www.popdatingsites.com for more information.